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When working in VBA, the trick is to read/write data in chunks. Then we read the next batch of 125 records, and so on, until we hit empty cells.We had a real life example, where we needed to read in 1000 records off a worksheet, each of 20 cells, do some calculations, and write back 14 cells at the end of each record. So far we've only made 8 (input) hits on the worksheet.(Don't use this in Excel 8, it is faster to say Range = Array). This can be done because VBA keeps variable values in memory once they are set (unless they are dimensioned within a subroutine or function, in which case they disappear when the function ends) until either you close the worksheet or make any change to the VBA code.Sub Super Blast Array To Sheet(The Array As Variant, The Range As Range) With The Range. So you can set the variables once and use them forever.This may cause your workbook to recalculate too often, which will slow down performance.You can prevent Excel from recalculating the workbook by using the statement: An individual item of a collection object may be accessed by either its name or by its index into the collection.This method is useful only when you are accessing an object several times during code execution.You can use Excel's standard worksheet functions in your VBA code, rather than writing the functions in VBA.

Similarly, you can suspend auto-recalculation with Application.Calculation = xl Manual, and return it to auto at the end with Application.Calculation = xl Automatic Remember, Excel is pretty smart, so you only need to describe an object enough to make it unambiguous. Isn't it frustrating when something is taking forever and you have no idea when it will finish? You can use the statusbar to let users know how things are going.By doing so, a great deal of overhead is done at compile time ("Early Binding") rather than at run time ("Late Binding").For example, use , VBA can access the object directly, rather than resolving the complete path to the object each time.

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Excel 5&7 have a very slow method of writing back to the sheet, so someone came up with a neat workaround. Suppose your function needs 5 parameters, 4 of which are set at the top of the sheet, and only one of which is set by the calling cell.

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