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Today we find out by sitting down with a man in the know.The man behind Alleycats on Kuta’s infamous Poppies Lane 2, has seen it all.It is a question I am not too qualified to answer as I have only travelled to Indonesia and Singapore but from my understanding Thailand and Bali (Bali is of course not a country but an island of) would have to be the top of that list.It is important to remember that Indonesia is an extremely large country with thousands of islands, it is extremely populated and for the most part very religious.

Put a smile on your dial and head to Alleycats Restaurant on Poppies Lane 2 in Kuta.

This could well mean you are not allowed to sleep in the same room as your girlfriend of 10 years!

Safest thing to do is to research before you go and be respectful. I get asked this all the time and it’s always the same answer – I love Indonesian people, some of my best friends are Indonesian and many of my friends, workmates etc are all Indonesian.

Recently I have been working on a television series with to bring to the screen my life in Bali and the amazing people and experiences that it affords me. There’s also some pretty whack experiences that people will freak out on but I’ll leave that for the show! It’s warm all year round, there are always waves if you surf and there’s always people on holiday keen to party! It seems everywhere you look there’s just a sexual aura around. It can actually get quite chaotic here in Bali, particularly in Kuta, which is the main party district. Every night of the year the clubs are full of eager young travelers who know that they can get away with a lot more than they would be able to back home and act accordingly!

The best thing about it though is the broad range of people you meet and the different stories people share with you. At the beach, in cafes – I am in a café right now and I just looked up to see a couple whose body language is telling me as soon as they pay the bill they are off to the nearest quiet place to bang their brains out, it’s turning me on. When it comes to locals it is a very tricky situation.

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