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Then they flew over ancient cities that we can’t even pronounce but that Ben seemed to know a lot about (how does he have all of these facts?

How does he know that one pyramid in Teotihuacan took 300 years to build? At this point, Amanda was very nervous because she felt like there were things Ben didn’t know about her, which she ended up opening up about during the evening portion of the date and revealing that her ex-husband and the father of her two daughters had cheated on her.

) and understandably horrified to be woken up by the man they are all trying to marry shining a flashlight in their faces in the middle of the night, Amanda looked positively angelic from the moment she was gently shaken awake by Ben.

“This is what I’m here for, is to just see these girls in their element,” Ben said.

After the rest of the ladies’ clearly shocked reactions, Olivia attempted to backtrack, breaking down in tears and apologizing, saying she was learning a lot about herself.

This pushed Emily – who already couldn’t stand Olivia – over the edge, and she decided to tell Ben how she felt.

Olivia’s moment with Ben, however, was completely overshadowed by two things: One, when he took Lauren B.

out into the streets of Mexico and couldn’t keep his hands off of her, and two, when he broke up with Jubilee right after that.

The twist, of course, was that they were given the recipes in Spanish – and that there was an uneven number of girls, so someone would get to pair up with Ben.Of course, Ben comforted her and said she didn’t deserve that before offering her the rose, but not before a little classic Ben self-deprecation: “It doesn’t quite make sense on how somebody like you could be interested in somebody like me, but I like it,” – Ben, we’ve been over this. You are the Back with the rest of the ladies, things were starting to get uncomfortable as Jubilee was being angsty over the fact that Ben was dating other girls.(She must not have been clear about the premise of the show.) This made the group date particularly awkward, as Jubilee, Becca, Jo Jo, Caila, Emily, Lauren B., Jennifer, Leah and Olivia were tasked with taking Spanish lessons with Ben in which they one by one stood up in front of the group and held hands with Ben as he said things like in Spanish to each and every one of them, because, you know, romance.This led to a very uncomfortable back-and-forth in which Olivia and Jubilee fought over Ben while Ben looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but Olivia eventually strong-armed Ben into being her partner for the day, forcing Jubilee to back down.The date basically turned into a mini one-on-one for Ben and Olivia, and so by the time the evening rolled around, everyone was feeling pretty frustrated with her – and surprise, surprise, she was the first girl to steal him away that night.

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