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No, you can only submit your Application Form for Electricity Supply at our Consumer Services Office.

Application Forms for Water Supply must be submitted at Aqua Gib Limited’s offices.

The current Deposit for Tariff 3 – Domestic is £30.00.

The Deposits for all other Tariffs, are calculated either on historical usage or information provided by your Electrical Contractor, as explained below. Based on historical usage, If you are due to occupy premises where Electricity has been supplied in the past, and your use of such premises will remain as that of the previous occupiers, then we will calculate your Deposit based on an average Electricity Consumption of the previous occupier, over a six month period. Based on information provided by your Electrical Contractor. The monetary value of a Unit of Electricity is dependent on the Tariff your Electricity Consumption happens to be charged on.

If you do not contact us, your Electricity Supply may be disconnected.

Failure to do so will result in your Electricity Supply being Disconnected, and an Administration Fee being charged.You may complete the Email Application Form from our Interaction section.Alternatively, you can download the Email Application Form from our Download section, and once completed, this must be submitted at Aqua Gib Limited’s offices.The documents required are as follows: Individual: * A copy of each Applicant’s ID Card or Passport.Company: * Company Stamp on the Application Form for Electricity Supply, * A copy of the Company Profile, * A copy of the ID Card or Passport of the individual signing the form, * A letter from the Company, on letterhead paper, stating the individual’s relationship with the Company and authorising this individual to act on its behalf.

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