Adults with psychiatric disabilities on campus

Besides, more and more organizations are now actively creating jobs for disabled people.In fact, great opportunities can be found within nearly every industry.Average salaries: More than 8.6 million American adults have some kind of cognitive disability.* And hundreds of causes exist for intellectual disabilities that result in conceptual, social, or practical-living impairments.As a result, people within this category display a very wide array of possible talents.So not all of these career ideas are appropriate for everyone.But they do represent some very interesting jobs for the disabled among us who deal with conditions like Down syndrome or autism spectrum disorders.Average salaries: In recent years, many pharmacies have become more open to providing jobs for disabled adults.

You are a unique individual with your own interests and talents. If you can imagine a career you want, then you may be able to make it happen. And keep in mind that some of the ideas in each disability category may also work for people who fall under one or more of the other categories.

And many employers in this industry value having people on staff who understand what some of their patients might be going through.

Plus, areas like medical billing and coding often provide opportunities for telecommuting.

The government, healthcare, technology, and financial sectors, in particular, are increasingly becoming more welcoming to those who are physically or mentally challenged.

In this article: America is home to more than 20 million working-age individuals who live with at least one disability.* If you're one of them, then understand that you are absolutely capable of achieving your career goals.

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